Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Rapid urbanization has mandated the need for smart city solutions. Experts' worldwide point out that smart cities will be the future enablers in accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of citizens' lifestyle.

Mindteck's smart city solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from traffic management, energy efficiency to e-governance, intelligent lighting systems, home and building efficiency systems and smart healthcare.

Our strong focus on IoT/M2M and deep understanding of wireless design and connectivity solutions, has led to our nomination to the Bureau of Indian Standards --a panel to help design the standards on Smart Infrastructure for Indian Smart Cities. We also have several global collaborations with recognized and trusted technology ecosystems, including the Intel IOT Solution Alliance, Thread Group, IoT Global Network and Zigbee alliance.

Our Smart City solutions spread across multiple domains

Smart Parking

  • Mindteck provides three different types of smart parking solutions - ZigBee Sensor-based, Ultrasonic senor-based and Wi-Fi camera-based catering to street side parking, indoor parking and multi-level parking.
  • Our recently unveiled Car Parking Occupancy Detection and Management solution uses field mounted Wi-Fi-based cameras, and is a robust, reliable and cost-effective end-to-end solution. The solution comprises Wi-Fi-based outdoor HD cameras, Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi range extenders to provide the required Wi-Fi coverage and high-end server infrastructure.

Smart Utilities

Mindteck has a suite of solutions in the areas of smart energy & utilities as shown below:

Smart Metering

Our meter data acquisition system is compatible with various types of meters and is feature-rich.

Smart Healthcare Solutions

Mindteck recently collaborated on receiving FDA approval on a patient monitoring innovation for a medical device manufacturer based in Europe. We developed the complete software for their portable telemedicine remote diagnostic equipment. The device, primarily will be used to monitor different vital signs of human body and transmit all medical data in real time to the doctor's remote destination.

The entire system is comprised of three major components:

  • The Monitoring Device - A touch-screen, compact, robust, highly portable device that monitors all the vital signs of the human body and transmits data using any available communication interface.
  • The Data Center - A PC-based application which primarily acts as a router, along with other secondary audit trail activities.
  • The Response Center - A PC-based application; all medical data monitored in the device is transferred to the Response Center and displayed in real time.

e-Visit solution

The e-visit solution for remote ICU comprises patient-side equipment with server applications running on a VMware instance hosted in a hospital's private cloud infrastructure. Doctors can remotely join into a pre-configured video conference session set up by the ICU using a web browser. The technology utilizes advanced imaging technique, video conferencing and software technology to effectively monitor a larger group of intensive care patients, and consult with on-site nurses and physicians when hands-on care becomes necessary.

MyHealth AssistTM

This is an innovative personalized connected home healthcare solution from Mindteck. Patients with chronic health conditions, postoperative care patients, as well the elderly use MyHealth AssistTM to follow their personalized medication schedule, self-check and report the vital health parameters, order prescription medications from pharmacy, order laboratory tests, and seek assistance/receive timely intervention based on the need from healthcare provider, all from the comfort of their homes.

Smart Governance

Mindteck, in tandem with two other consortium partners, is working on implementing statewide implementation of eNagarpalika in India. This will provide the urban development department with powerful data analytical capabilities for organized information management and enhanced citizen participation.

The project will enable the delivery of government services integrated with various Zila Parishads under one platform. It will benefit citizens by enabling easy access to services, such as birth and death certificates, building approval permissions, property tax and other government-related documents and services. This also has the capability to provide advanced analytics.

Smart Building

Smart Lighting

We developed an Intelligent Lighting Solution for a UK-based utility company that has announced record reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Mindteck developed the complete hardware and software for the system. Prior to installation of energy efficient lanterns, the street lighting was consuming around 50m kWh of energy a year. This will be successfully reduced to 34m kWh this year.

Mindteck and Intel Help Cities Move Forward with loT-from Smart Lighting to Smart Parking

Building Efficiency Research Model

Mindteck helped build a world-class research model for building efficiency through its engagement with SinBerBEST, (Singapore-Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics), a joint research collaboration between the University of California, Berkeley, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and other agencies and groups in Singapore. According to recent research, buildings consume 70% of the world's electricity, resulting in enormous waste due to generation distribution, construction, design and operational efficiencies. In Singapore alone, building energy consumption is at 25%.

SinBerBEST focuses on the cooperative optimization of the interactions between the grid, the building and its occupants as an ecosystem. Its vision is to create a building that responds to demand from occupants and processes that will ensure controlled energy consumption and a comfortable working environment. The focus on smart tropical buildings is based upon a study showing that 40% of the world's population lived in the tropics in 2008 and that this will grow to 60% by 2060.

Mindteck developed the required hardware, firmware and applications to monitor and control various building efficiency systems to ensure safe, reliable, energy efficiency operations. The systems are controlled via a centralized server named Mission Control Room. There are test beds that will help execute various scenarios for the building sub-systems via the central server, such as the sensing network, micro-grid network, lighting control system, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, and geo-fencing.

Mindteck also helped SinBerBEST meet its goal to enable researchers worldwide to conduct experiments remotely, as well as locally, using hardware emulation and simulation at small scale, large scale or any scale in between. The central server is deployed using cloud to facilitate access across the world. Each of the sub-systems is capable of executing independent operations as well as integrated operations. It brings all of these systems into a single access that allows reaction processing based upon inputs and data exchanged between sub-systems. The system is also capable of spearheading a network of complimentary and remotely accessible test beds.

The project was executed in three different phases:

Building Efficiency, Power and Sustainability

Mindteck demonstrated building efficiency project to verify the actual performance, efficiency and effectiveness of various building systems. This included the capabilities to monitor, control and command test-bed facilities for safe, reliable and energy efficient operation. Each room was enabled with various different sub-systems for power control, configuration, consumption and analysis.

Building Integrated Micro Grid for Building Power Management

Control, command and configuration of power sources across the building for efficient energy management across all electrical systems and devices. Management of AC-DC loads to knit together existing pieces of instruments, external data sources, and utility grid behaviour into a cohesive, extendable, and programmable system was showcased.

Lighting Control System for Building Management

The complete lighting control system with hardware, firmware, and back-end server development was designed by Mindteck. Luminaries like LED, DMX control, Non DALI, DALI, RGB was used, and blinds control devices with inputs from various sensors like temperature, occupancy, luminance, fault detection, scenes and schedules was also accommodated.

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