Smart Mobility Solutions and Cloud Computing


Mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) have become ubiquitous around the world and mobile strategy consulting is transforming enterprises. Mobile is not simply another device for IT to support but a much broader shift to new channel of engagement. These new channels need to deliver apps and smart solutions directly in the context of the daily lives and real-time workflows of customers, partners, and employees.

What are these channels of engagement?

These channels of engagement touch almost every area of the enterprise and implementing them not only increases the complexity of the enterprise it also involves whole ecosystems of providers and it puts your data at risk along with pushing your network to its limit.

Enterprise IT must realize the importance of getting the user engagement right to ensure the effectiveness and appropriate usage. They should also proactively define a winning mobile strategy, including BYOD policies, mobile device management, identity and security systems, application development and usage to design, develop, and support their mobile applications.

The key aspects of a winning mobile strategy are:

  • User experience
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Support for multiple device types
  • Security and management of the apps

We Create Amazing Mobile Channels of Engagement

We mix the compelling notion of context and usability practices with tried and tested mobile strategy approaches to give our clients exciting new customer, partner and employee experiences, powered by the latest technologies, created in the simplest way possible and delivered efficiently by applying best practices and common sense.


  • Mobile Strategy Consulting: Our integrated consulting model merges business consultation with technology implementation know how to rapidly deliver a comprehensive mobility strategy to define the overall business priority for mobility and evolve a technology roadmap suited to the business needs
  • User Experience: We treat User Experience Design as an integrated discipline and incorporate UX principles into all aspects of our consulting and development projects
  • Design and Development: We focus on designing and developing applications that deliver value across a wide range of platforms and devices support for multiple device types
  • Mobility Testing: Our robust frameworks, tools and test strategies help in thorough testing of the mobile solution

Innovate and Deliver Faster

Innovate and Deliver Faster

We help you gain a rapid time-to-market advantage by leveraging our customizable pre-built mobility solutions that integrate with your enterprise systems. What is even better? The costs incurred are a fraction of developing your own custom solutions.


Mindteck recognizes Cloud Computing as one of the technologies that is currently shaping the global business scene. We offer a comprehensive bouquet of cloud-based IT services that deliver sustainable software solutions to optimize client IT investment and leverage untapped markets by creating new delivery channels. Our cloud-based applications can help ensure reduction in costs of IT infrastructure, better utilization of budgets while offering IT operational flexibility. Mindteck is a recognized Amazon Partner network member.

Mindteck brings niche expertise in cloud infrastructure and building cloud-based enterprise solutions. Cloud infrastructure expertise includes offerings that cut across multiple cloud types such as Private, Public and Hybrid and Cloud Interop solutions such as Multi Cloud Storage. Mindteck has deep expertise in various cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Eucalyptus, OpenStack and VMware. Our Cloud Enterprise Solutions expertise includes Cloud-based Monitoring and Analytics and Big Data solutions.

Cloud Focus Areas

Mindteck has continued technology-focused initiatives in emerging areas such as building seamless cloud infrastructure via Virtual Cloud Appliance (VCDC), running business critical solutions on the cloud (Analytics, Workflow) and Cloud Storage (via CDMI standard compliance) to ensure excellent on-site/offshore combined consultancy in terms of building cloud migration strategy, cloud automation and delivery, application management services, etc.

Our key focus areas

  • Hybrid Cloud Appliance: Custom stack that extends customer local data center to seamless connect with public cloud for on-demand dynamic provisioning of IT infrastructure resourced by leveraging existing investments made by the user, and thus allowing resource optimization for better TCO and improved ROI
  • Interoperable Cloud Storage: SNIA/CDMI standard compliant solution that helps in building the right cloud storage strategy for business solutions that need high storage requirements without compromising on security, standard and performance requirements while also addressing low cost storage needs
  • Business Data Analytics: Mindteck has built a solution hosted on Amazon EC2 that leverages cloud infrastructure to provide the best analytical solutions in terms of dashboard, custom reports, and data mining capabilities

Why Mindteck?

  • Service oriented, layered, tier-based and component-based architecture
  • Practicable, shippable working prototype
  • Pattern-driven approach for design and architecture
  • Rapid, incremental and iterative development approach through Agile-Scrum
  • Tool-based development to optimize time-to-market
  • Technology competency upgrade through innovation and training

Delivery Models

  • Offshore


  • Offsite


  • Onsite


  • Near-Shore


  • BOT