Leadership Team


Shivarama Adiga

Vice President
Legal and Company Secretary

Shivarama Adiga, Vice President -- Legal and Company Secretary, is responsible for undertaking the company’s legal matters and overseeing its transactions to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. His role also encompasses the preparation and management of documents and communications for the Board of Directors. 

Shivarama has more than 27 years of cross-functional experience in corporate secretarial, financial and legal functions.  Prior to joining Mindteck, he held senior positions at Diligent Media Corporation Ltd., DB Corp Ltd., and Indiainfo.com Ltd.  He holds both Bachelor and Master of Commerce degrees from H.M. Degree College, Kanpur, and earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the New Gujarat Law College, Ahmedabad.

Additionally, Shivarama is an associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries, New Delhi, and served in the Indian Air Force as a senior non-commissioned officer for 15 years.