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We Care

We Care is Mindteck's framework for honoring commitments and making a lasting difference throughout the organization, as well as externally to clients, partners and communities. The cornerstones of the framework are Knowledge, Opportunity, Advocacy, Inclusion, Goodwill and Respect.

Care is rooted in the ways we engage and enable, and fundamental to building and nurturing relationships, championing others and stewarding community causes.

We Care Ambassadors represent our brand and, in concert with others in the company, work to ensure a positive experience. This includes, but is not limited to, fostering a caring culture and business approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of We Care, as are these innovative initiatives:

  • Mindteck Academy, an IT workforce development solution, builds opportunities for learning, hiring and economic growth in the communities we serve.

    • The underserved - qualified military veterans, recent college graduates, displaced workers - learn the technology skills required for gainful employment;
    • Companies and government entities struggling to overcome IT skill shortages hire local citizens who have trained to exact specification and need:
    • Communities grow as their unemployed and underemployed are hired or retrained.
    Mindteck Academy
  • Transition Care

    Transition Care provides opportunities for seasoned technology professionals who have been a victim of downsizing to continue benefiting from their wealth of experience and knowledge. It is also a resource for clients who want to preserve their reputation and employee morale during a restructuring, as well as outplacement firms that want to reduce their roster of displaced IT professionals.

  • Consultant Care focuses on retaining and developing our valued people assets who work onsite at client locations. On an ongoing basis, our Consultant Care Ambassadors assist, educate and engage consultants in multiple states throughout North America and Canada. In the future, this service offering will expand globally.

    Consultant Care
  • Client Care

    Client Care is a customer experience (CX) endeavor designed to engage and enable our valued clientele, and ensure positive outcomes with positive experiences all around...and well beyond the expected. The Client Care Ambassador is a client advocate, operating both cross-functionally and independently across the organization.

We Care

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