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Transition Care provides unique career opportunities for seasoned technology professionals who are unemployed through no fault of their own. We work with all technology professionals, however, our specialty is with seasoned technology professionals that are laid off or forced into early retirement due to corporate downsizing/restructuring. These unique career opportunities are ideal for professionals wanting to ease into retirement, yearning to start a new chapter in their lives, or filling their financial and social needs while pursuing a permanent dream job. Transition Care is also a resource for clients who want to preserve their reputation and employee morale during a restructuring, as well as outplacement firms that want to reduce their roster of displaced IT professionals.


Are you looking for a new career?
Ease into retirement working from home, fill time and financial gaps while searching for the ultimate job.

Employers and
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Let us help you ease the burden of having a large roster of IT workers in need of jobs.


Mindteck has signed the AARP Life Reimagined for Work Pledge:

"We believe in equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age, and that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete for and obtain jobs. Recognizing the value of experienced workers, we pledge to recruit across diverse age groups and to consider all applicants on an equal basis as we hire for positions within our organization."

By 2020, a quarter of all workers will be age 55 or over

Employees. They're the one thing that businesses everywhere have a need for. And not just employees, but employees who are honest, responsible, dependable, loyal, focused, organized and mature.

Is this too much to ask?

U.S. employers spends millions of man hours each year placing ads, prescreening and interviewing candidates, and hiring and training workers, only to find that many of the employees they hire work for them for just a few months only to decide they don't want to "just be a clerk anymore" or feel "something better's come along" as they work their way up the corporate ladder.

So where can businesses find a dependable, steady workforce that has no plans to move up and out? A workforce dedicated to the job at hand and that takes pride in its work? Who will cost them less to hire, train and maintain?

The answer? Older workers.

"I was recently engaged to do business development by Mindteck seeking new business opportunities. Exhibiting an uncharacteristic (in the US) respect for the senior worker, Mindteck has established a dedicated Transition Care team whose role is to help individuals like myself who wish to leverage their experience and industry contacts and continue to contribute even as they eye retirement. The staff was welcoming, responsive and supportive as I ramped up my activity. Although confident in their own proven methodology, Mindteck management was exceedingly open to allowing me work in my own style and on my own schedule. This "win-win" relationship has proven to be very gratifying." - Frank Baker

For more information on how Transition Care can help your HR team during these particularly sensitive times,
contact: transitioncare@mindteck.com

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