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Transition Care for Employees

You have worked hard your entire life, achieved more than expected and are now ready for that work - life balance!

There's a new way to work and it's made with Transition Care.

By utilizing your past experience and network to perform various pre-sales, sales and domain specific activities you can help grow our business!

What are you passionate about?

Do you love to meet other people?

Have a drive to solve business problems with technology?

Enthused by newest trends in:

  • Healthcare and Medical Devices
  • Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis
  • Electronics, Semiconductor and Storage
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Government
  • In-demand technical skills (Security, Big Data, etc.)?

Are you eager to learn?

What is your lifestyle?

Does working from your home (or on a beach) as an Independent Consultant, with flexible, part time hours fit your lifestyle?

At Mindteck it's...
Your Life - Your Career - Your Choice!!

Life throws us unexpected curve balls.

According to the 2015 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey of workers and retirees age 25+, a large percentage of retirees leave the work force earlier than planned (50% in 2015). Many retirees who retired earlier than planned cite hardships for leaving the work force when they did, including:

  • Health problems or disability (60%)
  • Changes at their company, such as downsizing or closure (27%)
  • Having to care for a spouse or another family member (22%)
  • Changes in the skills required for their job (10%)
  • Other work-related reasons (22%) played a role.

Of course, some retirees mention positive reasons for retiring early, such as:

  • Being able to afford an earlier retirement (31%)
  • Wanting to do something else (17%).

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Open the door to change!

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It's a transition, not a clean break.

"Retirement is no longer a distinct moment where a person works for one company for 40 years, has a retirement dinner, gets a nice watch, and then slowly disappears into the sunset," says Richard Wald, managing director of wealth management at Merrill Lynch. "Retirement today is a much more dynamic and fluid process where people re-invent themselves and go through phases of transition."

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