Internet of Things


Mindteck has developed the Ignite platform that caters to the Intelligent Lighting System (Ignite-ILS) and the Energy Management system (Ignite-EMS). The Ignite platform is one of the key components of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

The Ignite platform enables our OEM/ODM and System Integrator customers to rapidly develop end-customer specific, robust customized solutions at the lowest cost of ownership. Mindteck's Ignite technology has been deployed on large-scale building managements and city-wide intelligent street lighting projects.

Ignite - ILS

Ignite-ILS is an intelligent wireless lighting control solution for commercial and industrial buildings. Simple to deploy and manage yet robust in scope, IGNITE provides unmatched intelligence and centralized control

Ignite - EMS

Ignite-EMS is designed with the goal to transform office buildings into energy efficient smart buildings. The need for energy efficient smart building is the need of the hour due to the ever increasing rise in energy prices fuelled by increasing energy shortage.

Ignite - IPS

Ignite Intelligent Parking Solution enables parking providers to maximize the revenue on their parking inventory by providing real time parking occupancy information for the managed parking lots. Mindteck designed state of art wireless car occupancy detection sensors as well as video analytics based car occupancy detection systems as part of the solution

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